yard furnished by thrift

A couple of days ago, this was the sight beside our cabin.  
The tarp protecting our lawn furniture from winter's weather was removed.
The pile was uncovered--
curbside treasures, thrift store finds, and garage sale purchases
to be arranged throughout our yard and flower beds.
These rusty-whites now sit together behind the cabin.
Eventually, this bottomless bird cage will hang in a branch
just over the cushionless loveseat.
There is a small round piece of glass to top the side table SOMEwhere...
All in all, these rusty whites combine to make an interesting vignette
against the backdrop of the cabin.
Unusual, quirky, and VERY inexpensive!
Just part of a yard furnished by thrift.


  1. I like the look of white wire things. The birdcage will be a nice addition, adding some interest at a higher level in the garden.


  2. Wonderful ideas and great post. I actually have thrift stuff in my backyard and people always comment on it. Mainly though, I enjoy it!

  3. Oh, I'll bet it's going to look so nice, Rebecca. I'm going to put little white Christmas tree lights on our side porch this year. Should be enchanting. Susan

  4. Shanda, I'm going to see if you've posted some of YOUR "thrift stuff". Enjoying it oneself is the main thing, I think....

  5. Susan, We sure enjoy our little white lights on our front porch. I like them especially at dusk. (Don't know why they bring me extra pleasure at that time particularly.)

  6. I love reading about and seeing all the treasures you find and use! Gives me great ideas. Maybe I'll find a treasure today as I go to the thrift store!

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend.

    God bless,
    Marilyn...in Mississippi

  7. Hi there-amazing and inspirational pieces here, you have such a good eye for a thrifty bargain, well done for bagging these items!! xx

  8. I have been behind on blogs. I really like all your pile. I could happily load into my truck and bring it home!

  9. Rebecca! You are a lady of many talents!
    I can't find the time for my one blog (and I share the antique shop blog with my friend, Jenn) but you have four or five blogs? Oh my! When do you sleep!? LOL
    I love the white metal pieces. They do make the greatest pieces in a garden setting. Can't wait to see where they end up.

  10. These are great...these pieces are so stylish here that you pay more for them than something brand new...I love your yard pieces.


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