triple play

 Next to my denim jackets, these wool ones are my favorite, casual ones.
I remember my grandmother's that hung in a closet in their garage.
It was there to wear on chilly mornings in the garden.
This brown one is my favorite.  It is also the only one with a label.
I think the others may be handmade.
Their workmanship is excellent.
 Big pockets.  Big buttons.  Shoulder pads.
All thrifted.
They're airing out on the clothesline this morning.
Then I'll probably put them away for the season
and pull them out again in the fall.


  1. These are Gran wore them all the time and I see HER when I see these jackets!

  2. I love jackets like that!!

  3. The very next day after I packed up my sweaters it turned cold again. Ha ha

  4. Oh they are wonderful I love wool :) must have something to do with growing up North in Canada wool is a wonderful thing to wear in the winter they do look like they are very well made ~Have a wonderful weekend Love Heather

  5. My husband has a couple of similar wool shirts/jackets. They hang by our back door. I've been known to borrow one from time to time.


  6. I have a couple of these and I love yours. Wanna sell? haha Again our similarities amaze me!


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