the atmosphere here

Mrs. Rabe at Creekside Cottage posted yesterday about "atmosphere". I was intrigued and warmed by her creative use of lighting to bring an atmosphere of coziness and hospitality to her cottage.

It set me on a quest to photograph the lamps that were "on" in our house as daylight lazily entered OUR four walls this morning.  I have many, many lamps.  Because our house doesn't have a lot of windows, table lamps are our primary source of lighting.

They create different effects at different times of day.
 In addition to lamps, I enjoy the atmosphere that WORDS create.  
Whether on vintage plaques such as these or stenciled on walls, 
they "warm the cockles of my heart"!

 (I see I need to do SOMEthing with the cord on this lamp...)

Except for the rooster lamp which my grandmother made,
all of the items seen here were either
purchased at thrift stores or garage sales.
That includes the canisters and wooden bowl holding tea bags
on the kitchen counter and the lantern above.


  1. Love the lamps...and yes the glow in the house is great. I am a word person also...I am starting to think of what words I will be painting on the wall of our new home...while putting back up the pictures of sayings I already post

  2. You have lighted up our lives this morning, Rebecca! I was at a luncheon once where the lady had a small lamp in her bedroom and the soft light was cast out into the hall. It was a rainy day and I felt the light so lovely. This has been years ago and I still remember the feeling. Such a tiny thing, yet lasting impression....

  3. Hello and what lovely lamps you have. I found you while following links from country in the town here in the UK so it just shows we are all joined by just one 'click'. I will be back real soon to follow your blogs but if you ever get to browse then you are always sure of a warm welcome and virtual cuppa in my space.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy
    Beverley xx (UK)

  4. Hi Rebecca....I love lots of light (and lamps), too. Thanks for sharing yours. That first one is something to "crow" about. Susan

  5. Ooh Rebecca, the lamp in the 4th photo warmed my cockles like you can't imagine!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Rebecca I absolutely love your rooster lamp!

  7. Your lamps put off such a warm glow. You have great finds there! My Mom collected roosters and would have absolutely loved the lamp your grandmother made!

  8. I enjoy setting a nice atmosphere as well. Lamps really can give the room such a nice warm feeling. Love all your thrifted treasures ~Love Heather

  9. I loved this post. The pictures were very soothing to my chaotic spirit right now and the plagues that you shared lifted me up..((hugs))

  10. You most definitely have a GIFT for decorating !! And I most definitely do NOT, therefore I so much enjoy looking at what you have done! Keep the photos coming! Mississippi

  11. Rebecca, Love it, love it!! Your lamps remind me of Psalm 119:105: Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.
    Thank you for this decorating idea.

  12. What great lamps. I have trouble finding the right lamp - right place to put it. I find floor lamps easier to place and easier to read by. Maybe I need to take "lamp lessons" from you :-)


  13. Hi Rebecca, my favorite is the rooster lamp!

  14. Hi, I found you via blog Savvy City farmer..I love your rooster lamp :) /Marie

  15. I love lamps and things with encouraging words around my house too! Such a joy to create a lovely home atmosphere.

    Blessings on your day,

  16. I've always liked the look (and feel) of seeing the soft glow of a lamp at a window from the outside... It always just spoke of home, love, comfort, and peace to me. I really detest over-head lighting in a living room and no lamps! Ugh, such a harsh feeling.


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