the brown conTINgency

 This is the "brown conTINgency" of my tin collection.
If you go to labels in my sidebar, you can find other "tin" posts 
featuring the black and turquoise collections.
There are two others - blue & red - that I don't think I've featured.
 I found most of these thrift stores...a few at garage sales.  
I don't believe I've ever paid more than 50 cents for one.
 Some hold jewelry; one holds marbles; another keys; 
others small assorted stuff;
and some are empty.
The "browns" reside in our living room.


  1. What a pretty collection of tins. We have a small collection of boxes. I do have a couple of tins around too.

    It's always fun to find treasures for cheap.


  2. So pretty and very useful. I rarely see tins in the thrifts here and when I do spot one it is usually pretty well scratched. I have one with red cherries on it in my kitchen tho.


  3. Oh my goodness you got me again with this one. I love tins, but not fust any tins, brown tins. Especially the ones that look like calico! Someday I am really going to surprise you and show up at your door.

    I'd love to hang out with a soul sister in Indiana!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. I had so many tins I once sold a giant box of them and still have plenty left strung around the house.

    This weekend my mother in law sent home plates, cups and saucers of her Blue Willow since they will probably stay now in assisted living. I don't need these peices but wanted to take them for a while. Where ever will I store all the dishes I have? How will I ever use them all anymore? :)

  5. Once again, a very interesting post. I really enjoy your collections.

  6. Hi my dear-a very lovely collection, all so very pretty and useful too. Thank you for the birthday wishes and hope you are well and having a lovely week so far xxx

  7. What a pretty collection. I'd be really noseyif I popped round for tea and fight to resist the urge to open them all and see what was hidden inside. x
    PS Let me know if you can't get Lipcote in the US, I'd happily send one to you, it's great stuff.

  8. Such a lovely collection at such a good price!


  9. I have a tin from my still has *vintage* bath oil balls in it. You know, the kind that you dropped in the tub and when they got warm, they made somewhat of an oil slick....with a fragrance? :)
    I collected tins for quite a while. My friend sent me one and I just put it on my shelf. Come to find out, she had put some money in it for me! I didn't find out for a LONG time.


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