for barbara*

I tried, Barbara!  I really did. 
In frustration, I cut myself out of this picture 
and tried again in another room. 
But this picture DOES show a mirror
we once found
curbside (if my memory serves me right)
and the back of a wooden rocking chiar
that belonged to my grandparents...

I tried another photo in a corner of our kitchen/dining area.
This is the result.  My friend gave me the brown capri pants that I'm wearing.  
I really wanted them to fit, but they are too tight.
I didn't wear them out of the house.
If I HAD worn this outfit,
this long strand of amber-like beads
would have seen the light of day.  
But they didn't.

*Barb emailed me to ask where I've been.
This is my subtle way of saying why I've not been posting
so much here.  I've not been to the thrift store for awhile either.
I'm trying to divest rather than collect.
Don't worry though.  I have plenty left for show and tell!


  1. Thanks, Rebecca. You are so sweet! I have not been to the thrift shop lately either. I must declutter so I am avoiding temptation.

  2. I'd notice you had been quiet. I certainly understand your downsizing. I think everyone our age is beginning to think that way. Also around here, people are really aware of "stuff" after the F5. Just this morning a friend said she finds herself sitting in her liviing room looking at material things, thinking how fast they can be gone. Lovely things are nice and bargain things are a buzz, but sometimes we have to back off and take stock. Sorry your capris were too tight, a bummer, but the beads are lovely. Have a nice weekend ahead....

  3. Dear Rebecca ~ Whether or not you are finding goodies at thrifty places to shop or curbside,
    I'm pretty sure you have much to share that will encourage others and brighten their days.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. Hi Rebecca....I have almost that exact lampshade. Think I got it in a Cracker Barrel gift shop.

    I understand the battle of the bulge...I've been fighting it all my life. But I'm never giving up trying. Never.

    Take care and be gentle with yourself. Susan


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