woodn't you?

File box - now holding recipes
A post at the Polohouse about old wooden hat molds reminded me 
of how much I like wooden ANYTHINGS!
Here are a few quick "for instances"....

Wooden kitchen gadgets
Wooden ?????s on a wooden child's chair
One of my stacks of wooden bowls
Wooden shoe forms on my grandfather's wooden rocking chair

Except for Grandpa's rocker and maybe a wooden spoon or two,
all items were found at thrift stores or garage sales.

“Wouldn’t you, Wouldn’t you, 
Like to wear a wooden shoe. 
Just like all the children do
Who live in Amsterdam?”


  1. I'm loving all of it but especially the wooden bowls.

  2. Hi Rebecca: After seeing all the great wooden objects on your post today, I "woodn't" believe it if someone told me you didn't like wood. hee hee

    I like some wooden things, too, especially wood floors. I even have one in my kitchen but oh boy, it's hard to keep up. Still love it, though. Susan

  3. Me too!! All things wood... I'm drooling over that stack of bowls, and there are more you say? Do you use them. I used to be nervous, but I clean them really well and then oil them. They're my favorites!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. I have been trying to post a comment on here for days what is going on with blogger? ugh I find it so frustrating it has not been letting me comment. So anyhow I will be anonymous again but you know who I am :) I love wood things as well. I keep a huge crock in the kitchen filled with wood utensils. Love your wood bowls I should look for those when I am thrifting that would be a great find. Hope this little note finds you doing well ~Love Heather from Big Dreams in a Little House

  5. Debbie, I DO use them. For serving dry snacks; holding napkins or fruit on my counter tops; one holds an assortment of packaged tea bags, etc. Like you, I wipe them with damp clothes and occasionally oil them - much like a wooden cutting board...

  6. Love them! My husband collects wooden boxes. As he puts it, right up until the day his remains are put into one.

  7. What a divine collection, they look wonderful grouped together like that. I collect shoe stays, too. xxx

  8. Vix, "Grouped together" is such a polite way of putting it. "Piled up" is more like it.

  9. You have a great collection of woodies. Shoe trees always fascinate me for some reason although I don't own any.


  10. Hi,I think the wooden ???? are tools used for shaping lead.(like where it seals around a chimney on a roof.Alison x

  11. Quite the collection! I noticed your foot on the last photo!


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