i hit the jackpot

Having "outgrown" my clothes (another story for another day),
and NEEDING something to wear during our upcoming vacation,
I made the trip in to my favorite thrift store this morning.
It had been a l-o-n-g time since I've been there.
I found the red, "white" and blue skirts above.  They'll get me through!
 There was a lot of "new" merchandise!  The store was packed!
I couldn't resist the pair of curtains with handmade border (above)...
 nor the crewel kitty above...
nor the white one with pink ears and yellow eyes below!
And I'm not even that fond of cats.
 Deciding I was on a "ROLL", I stopped in at another store 
where I found this child's kitchen unit.
For $10 plus a few repairs, I will find a place for it.  
It should easily hold most all of the toys our grandchildren
like to play with when they visit.
I definitely had too much fun today.
<I'm supposed to be in a decluttering mode>


  1. You brought home a load! The skirts were a nice find. Be sure a snap of you in them on your vacation! Do you have a destination yet?

  2. Wow some awesome finds!!! enjoy all those new treasures your grandkids are going to love that kitchen that thing probably cost 300 or 400$ new!! Happy 4th Love Heather

  3. Have fun on your trip. Maybe you'll find more treasures along the way.

  4. Nay...there's never too much fun, Rebecca. You "done" good. Susan

  5. It's hard to declutter when you find those kinds of bargains! Great finds!

  6. I went thrifting yesterday but just to one store. I had seen a large carved pelican there weeks ago and my summer hall table needed it. It was still there and a crystal pillar candle holder and a few books for a friend.

    Awesome kitchen set!

  7. Good thing you are a state away. I'd have fought you for that kitchen cupboard. ;D

  8. I'm in a decluttering mood too, but I'd probably do exactly what you did!

  9. YOU GOT ANOTHER KITTY! And three cheers for your thrift store! I find going to 2nd hand places always worth it. I buy sweaters in June.....and Christmas presents in July.

  10. You did hit the jackpot, Rebecca!
    Love that little kitchen unit.

    I remember what those cost when my daughter was little... she's almost 16 now!
    (They were hundreds of dollars --- you got a terrific deal)!!

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hope your poison ivy is all gone!

  11. The kitchen cabinet is the winner although I know, for the moment, the skirts are probably the most important thing you thrifted. Well done!


  12. Yes you WERE on a roll! Anytime I can find anything that FITS, thrift store or not, I feel like a winner! Love those skirts! And you have to know I'm coveting that kitchen! Is it wood? Will Gary be painting it or will you leave it natural? The grands will LOVE it!! Where will you put it??

  13. I love those colors too by the way. I think they are very restful!

  14. LOL about the decluttering mood... me too. That child's kitchen is a fantastic find! I can see it used as a display for objects, maybe a theme of objects, but I don't know what. Maybe books! That is so cool. Okay, now I'm inspired to hit the second hand store!


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