Irresistible blue willow pattern on large metal tray
 Yard Sales!  One on Friday
and a trip to Hamilton for its annual town-wide sales on Saturday...
Irresistible kitty planter. 
For a quarter, I figure I can experiment
a bit and try to add a second eye to match the existing one.
 These two bottles for my yet-to-be-constructed bottle tree...
 This huge planter was irresistible to me--for its color and $.75 price!
 Neither can I pass up rust and wood.
I have no idea what this tool is, but it "called my name"!
 This metal cabinet will be sanded, painted, 
and possibly set alongside two other similar ones.
Yet another "thing" irresistible to me!
This time 'cause of its storage potential...
and $2 price.
 Also irresistible, this TeeShirt found at WalMart
this morning before church.
Marked down to $3, the purchase was a "no-brainer" for me.


  1. You had a great time with great finds. I can't wait to see your bottle tree! I assume from the picture it will be all blue. I wish you were close enough so I could help!

  2. You have some wonderful finds! I love the cobalt blue bottles!

  3. Rebecca, once again you found some great stuff. It is so good to have you back. (smiles)

  4. TWO DOLLARS for the tall cupboard? Wow!
    My son and daughter-in-law just moved into a very old house in mid-town Grand Rapids. They have one of those in their very unique bathroom. I LOOOVE it!

  5. Hi Rebecca, what awsome finds! I think the kitty is my favorite and what a great picture of you.

    Take care, Bonnie

  6. Great finds as always, Rebecca! Your fireplace is gorgeous...don't think I've noticed it before.

  7. Blue and white goodies always catch my eye. Great tray. I can imagine it being quite useful.


  8. Some people may call your finds luck but I call it a gift. :)

  9. Yep, you're my kind of girl - shopping the yard sales and thrift stores! Love the kitty planter, it's going to look awesome. Your home is lovely, thanks for sharing with us.

  10. I'm trying again to leave a comment, this time as "Anonymous" instead of with my Google account.

    I love your new finds and what you've done with them and all the other things you get from thrift shops and yard sales. You have a "flair" for it!

    God bless, Mississippi

  11. hmmmmmmm, I'll give you $5 for that tall cabinet...........I LOVE those things. And that planter? It would go in one of my gardens for frog water. That kitty planter? How fun is that?
    You got some fun bargains.

  12. I need to think of another word to take the place of *fun* it looks like............

  13. Oh Wow! You got some great bargains! My mother had that same tray, and I always loved it. laurie

  14. Hello,
    Decided to check you out now!! Liked all your flowers in the first post that weren't suppose to be there..........made me happy!! lol

    Well, you have gotten some really neat finds there, really liked your t-shirt,it went really well with the black skirt, and you look really nice! Loved your fireplace and how you have it accessorized, very pretty!!
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  15. Me Again,
    meant to tell you I really loved that blue and white tray and the pretty blue bottles, and most of all I love your new hairdo! Very Becoming!!

    Have a great evening,
    Blessings, Nellie

  16. Your home looks very nice. I can see you have a talent for decorating. I like thrift stores too, although I'm constantly trying to declutter. Guess if some goes out, I feel like some can come in!


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