in between

Yesterday, in between leading a hymn-sing
at a nearby retirement home and lunch with a friend,
I enjoyed checking out a few garage sales.
All the large pitcher (above) needs is a big wash bowl to sit in!  
I thought the $1 price was reasonable.
I was especially pleased to find the blue glass plant-waterer for $.50.  
It looks beautiful in the middle of my philodendron
which thrives in a blue and white pot
under the light of a blue and white based lamp.
If it works as good as it looks,
I'm in business!


  1. Oooooo, Rebecca, lovely pitcher and plant waterer. The pitcher would look great as a flower holder, too....a nice big bouquet of pink roses or daisies. Great prices, too. Susan

  2. I'd say you did well between kindness and friendship for the day!

  3. oh my! you scored big time!! I wouldn't worry about finding a wash bowl, that pitcher is gorgeous! Does it have any markings on the bottom? I can see the headlines now: "local thrift shopper bags a rare and beautiful pitcher worth thousands for only $1" !!!

    Let me know if that plant waterer works. I've always wondered about those!

  4. Some great finds indeed!! ugh blogger is still not letting me sign in to comment so I have to use the anonymous button lol ~but you know who I am ~hope this little note finds you doing well ~Love Heather from Big Dreams in a Little House

  5. Nice thrifting. I am not familiar with that type of plant waterer but it sure looks interesting.


  6. Rebecca, those are some really good deals that you found "in between". I'm sure someday you will come across a big wash bowl too and if not, the pitcher still will look really nice by itself.

    I love strolling through garage sales myself but for right now, the temperatures just too hot for me. I guess I will wait until the fall will set in and then go on my treasure hunting trips again.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo


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