Brrrrrrr! It's Cold (Almost)

 I took advantage of the 59 degree temperature this morning
to do some much-needed weeding.
I noticed a few new flowers. 
They seemed to be hiding behind the foliage
as if uncertain of their timing.

 It's been awhile since I showed our mattress spring gallery.
The "SIMPLIFY" sign is begging for a new paint job.
The spirea appeared undaunted by the cold temperature.
It seems unusually brilliant this year.

OK.  I just realized I got this post on the wrong blog.
Sorry.  I'm too lazy to move it to where it belongs.


  1. A mattress spring gallery? Hmmm never thought of that! Aren't you clever...

    Your garden is looking wonderful!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Well it was worth the travel to see your pretty flowers.

  3. Love your mattress spring gallery! At 59 degrees your flowers are so pretty - can imagine how gorgeous they will be when the weather gets warm!

  4. Your mattress spring is unique. Maybe it wasn't an accident to be on this blog. That's a treasure.

  5. 59 degrees?!?! Wow, you are lucky. Pictures are quite lovely today.

  6. I LOVE the mattress spring! Although, in my life the sign would have to say "complicate" were I to be truly honest. Because that seems to be what I do...

  7. I'm happy you posted to the "wrong blog" since I might not have seen your lovely flowers and your mattress spring gallery. I guess I'd better check around to see what else I've been missing.


  8. A matress spring gallery is ingenius, Rebecca! i love your colourful blooms, too. xxx

  9. That boxspring gallery is great! If I find one somewhere I must find a spot for it here. 59 degrees is perfect weather to work in the garden!

  10. 59 degrees? OMG, that's a little over half of what we are dealing with down here in SE Texas for the past few days. And the upcoming weekend is supposed to get even hotter.
    Too hot for me to work in my garden. I guess the weeds will win, at least for the time being.
    Paula Jo

  11. Hey, did I see old metal washtubs hanging on the side of that building? I have two washtubs picked up at a garage sale for next to nothing and have hung them on the side of the garage.


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