bohemia in the library/music room?

"The rules of Bohemian is that there are none. You use pieces in unconventional ways. And you must use what you have or obtain pieces very, very cheaply. Think outside of normal, or outside of the box,", so says braniac who continues:
"Use large brightly colored scarves for curtains, hanging 20 scarves 
by one corner on a curtain rod to make one curtain.
Use odd pieces together in quirky ways,
like hanging things on the wall that don't belong on the wall. 
Hang plates, trays, or rugs.

 Wallpaper a wall with book pages, or a chic magazine. This came from the 60's when flower power was in, and people didn't have money, but they decorated beautifully with what they had and used things in all different ways.
 Hang a door on the wall. Put an old chandelier up that doesn't work, 
and put candles in the bulb holders. Put a statue in a corner where it is unexpected."
These images from our library/music room 
make me wonder about the
possibility of Bohemia in me...
Everything was found at either thrift stores or garage sales...


  1. Hi Rebecca....Oh, I liked the idea of the different scarves hanging. I have tons of them. That's a good idea. Take care. Susan

  2. Becky...I agree! I like to think outside the box too, but am not sure how really GOOD at it I am! Your room must be remarkably beautiful from the snippets presented here.
    Hope you are having a marvelous time with the grands!!!

  3. Oh yes, there is definitely an element of Bohemian in you dear sister...

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Bohemian for sure, that's what we are too I think.

    Enjoy the freedom of this style. Who wants to be followers anyway. Let's do our own thing.

    I love that first photo.


  5. You definately have a Bohemian vibe going on. I covet that purple chair!


  6. So THAT's what it is! My son is remodeling his bathroom and bedroom closets and I asked for the door from the bedroom. It's screaming for attention! My husband doesn't have much Bohemian in him, so for now, the door is out front leaning against the house.

  7. Some great ideas shared for decorating. I love your thrifting...One of these days maybe we will get to hit a thrift store together :) ~Great treasures & pictures ~Love Heather

  8. You have some cool things! That painting is so mysterious and thought provoking, and that blue glass jar/vase is unique. I also just noticed, this blog has a bohemian background! As much as I try to decorate simple, clean, and light, I always have to throw in some Bohemia. Beaded pillows is probably my top favorite to use (yeah, Hobby Lobby!), then, richly patterned fabrics, some old, tattered books, and a beautiful lamp. Now I'm getting psyched about fall decorating. Oh, BTW, Robin Pearl of 'Magnolia Pearl' is a fantastic Bohemian! Here website if a feast for the eyes and senses.

  9. I meant to write, 'her website is a feast... the old peepers are failing me.


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