my inner bohemia?

Ever since stumbling upon Bohemian Valhalla
I'm convinced I have a little "Bohemia"
in my stylistic genes!
Take my eating area, for instance.
Yes, all these patterns are present in this one room!
Believe me, I've tried the whites and pastels.
Even have an example or two here and there...
But it is the warmth of dark wood, vintage textiles and patterns
that "call my name"!
All the time.
I don't know where it will end.
I don't even know all "Bohemia" means.
I just know I like it.
This week I plan to learn a bit more to see if it's actually "me",
or if there's another name for "it".  
I can use all the help and explanations I can get!
Says K. Stone:
Bohemian style decorating is all about living simply and expressing one's creativity throughout the design. The Bohemian way of life is traditionally linked with free thinking counterculture and is influenced by the gypsy lifestyle. Inspiration for this type of décor comes from the art colonies of nineteenth century Europe where musicians, actors, artists, and writers converged into avant-garde communities.


  1. I like it too. I'm not sure it's exactly Bohemian so much as ....eclectic vintage???

  2. I usually relate Bohemian with Gipsy and "Flowerpower".... and also intellectual Parisian people on and after World War II.
    I guess I think it's the parent of nowadays boho-chic....
    And I also think you have it!!! :-)

    Hope you're having a nice weekend and may your week be fulfilled with blessings.


  3. Oh you have a touch of Bohemia for sure. I love the fushion of mixing it all up. I like your mix I think it looks great. I love to decorate that way as well. I love lots of color and pattern and texture. I love the bohemian style of dress as well. I would love to change up how I dress and mix a little more boho into it. Maybe over here I will be able to find some neat pieces of clothing to do that. Love Heather

  4. Thanks for the link, some beautiful stuff there. I too like the saturated colors more than the white/pastel. When I think Bohemian I think of the "Beat Generation" in San Francisco. Probably not accurate but that's what comes to mind.



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