i spoke too soon

My husband had an appointment that took him very near my favorite thrift store.
In spite of having gone on record saying I was currently NOT in the thrifting mood,
I had him drop me off.
I found this doily - and wonder how it can look so different on its two sides???
 And I couldn't resist this linen tea towel.  
Especially in my current favorite color combination.
 And then there were these -- also in one of my favorite colors!
Guess that's why I was thinking "linens" as potential contents 
for the drawers of the chest we found curbside as we drove 
to appointment and thrift store yesterday...
(Oh! I also purchased 2 pair of corduroy slacks for our son-in-law.
ALL clothing was $1@!)


  1. Wow Great Deals!! Enjoy those new treasures :) Love Heather

  2. That tea towel is a beauty. I love finding useful things in thrift shops, it doen't feel like real spending. x

  3. Ooooooo, that blue doily is so pretty, Rebecca. Actually, I think all doilies are worth saving since they are not made much anymore, do you think? Good job! Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  4. I love the blue linens!! I had made a statement to myself not to shop until after Christmas! Well I broke that today and went to Marshalls and Kirklands! LOL

  5. How can you stop? You ALWAYS find such good stuff at such great prices. I'd never pass up a doily.


  6. You did well!! I don't even call those bargains...I call them treasures!!!

  7. You have the best taste...in everything!!! Great finds!

  8. Well, your thrift store has some great prices. I think the lady who owns ours had gotten kinda greedy. Of course, the place is packed (with stuff). I say things like, "Mark everything half off!" "Have a BOGO sale!" She won't do it! I figure, lower the price and get the stuff outta there!! Oh, sorry, this comment was supposed to be about your stuff... I like the linen tea towel. Sometimes I find vintage ones cause people wouldn't use them causes there were "too good to use". Heeheee...they saved them for me!

  9. Those are really cool. What interesting finds, it sounds like you have an awesome thrift store near you.


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