cheap thrills

 Yesterday, I took the children to the thrift store.
The generous cashier gave them their treasures.
She charged me $1@ for the tableclothes I bought.
I was delighted to find three fairly long ones to cover my table
when it is extended.  
Two of them made up the sides of the clothesline tent.
 The third, also blue and white, covered the table for our evening meal.


  1. Cute grandkids and I'm sure they enjoy visiting the thrift stores. I love your tablecloths and your table setting for supper is very nice.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. That blue cloth really catches my eye! I use blue and white dishes too so it would be at home here.

  3. I can certain remember making forts and such with old blankets and tablecloths! Love the blue and white.

    Enjoy your weekend, Bonnie

  4. Cool! This was an idea I had for when my Grands visited, but ran out of time (and energy!) You've scored again! (the chair I had thought of buying at my local thrift store wasn't for sale! and I had it all planned where I would use it!) You know, with those prints, it kind of looks like a gypsy tent--exotic!

  5. I enjoy making Bedouin Style Tents out of Vintage & Exotic Materials... as much fun for me to play in as the children. *Winks* Your wee ones are obviously having a blast & the Pink Floral Tablecloth caught my eye!

    Glad you enjoyed the Steps & Stairways in my last Post, I have a "thing" for them so I Love photographing them... and its a good workout! *Smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. That gingham table cloth looks outstanding.

  7. Wow you always get such fabulous deals!! One of these days I want to go thrifting with you :) Love the table cloths and cute tent and very cute grandchildren you have ~Love Heather

  8. Hi Rebecca, I wanted to tell you that I replied to your comment on my blog. Also wanted to say, after reading your posts about Bohemina, I'd say this tent is Bohemian style!

  9. On closer, inspection, I like how they have brought items into the tent to play with. Childhood is so precious, once it's gone, it's GONE!


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