how do I explain this?

 The Old Spice shaving mug and small statue-ette are the last two items
of Monday's $2.68 splurge. (Remember, I also got two pair of men's slacks, 
some doilies, and a linen towel included in this price).
 My Protestant friends may not understand (I'm not sure I do myself)
my fascination with these objects.  I don't even know their proper names.
 (Above) See how my newest one is dwarfed by St. Francis already in my cupboard?
 Here are a few others in my collection.
On a different subject...
I'm coming to realize I may not return to delving into 
Boheme' or Wabi-Sabi style further. 
I've concluded that I'm quite eclectic in my style
and will probably never tame or categorize it perfectly. 
(I still can't get enough of Dawn's style, but I think I'll
always just be a wannabe.)


  1. Some more thrifty treasures! You have great style and personality why try and put it in a category!! Enjoy all those wonderful treasures you found~Love Heather

  2. That Old Spice mug brings back memories of watching my Dad shaving when I was tiny!
    I'm not religious but I do like the statuettes, there's something so tranquil about them x

  3. I love your little collection there esp. the St. Francis statue and I'm sure I remember that Old Spice mug! Bonnie

  4. Hi Rebecca: Just buy what you love and surround yourself with those items. You already do that so good for you! Have a sweet day. Susan from

  5. Loving your scores... and I too, though not Catholic, adore Catholic Religious pieces, they are Beautiful & remind me of my childhood since for generations we have had such Spiritual objects surrounding us regardless of denomination *we are a Family of diverse & blended Faiths*.

    Thanks for visiting my Organic Gypsy Post... yes, I do carry on don't I?! *winks* The Queen of Excess in ALL things I am... *LOL* More is NEVER enough, NEVER...

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I was always fascinated by these statues Rebecca and I AM Protestant!!!

  7. Oh. I'd have bought all of those things too. No idea why. I don't even ask myself anymore.

  8. I too love the statues. It is fun to explore styles and actually fun to come back around to discover you have your OWN isn't it?


  9. Nope I am not catholic but there is something beautiful about the crucifixes and the Mary statutes. I can not resist buying them when I see them. Now with my house on the market, I have had to drastically clean out, but some things I will not part with. I am so glad you are still joining me on my journey. I will be back to blogging now. Thank you. I love your pieces.

  10. I'm not catholic and I have a couple of rosaries. I just have them somewhere in a vase. No reason, just liked them, so I understand about your collection.


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