Playing with Faux Flowers

 I can't help it.  It's what I like to do.
 I'm always on the lookout for convincing faux flowers.
,,,not sure anyone understands it (or is convinced), but I like the effect.
I just keep on adding, twisting, bending, and arranging.
The larger and fuller and wilder, the better for me!
This was a VERY inexpensive pitcher that I found some time ago
at a thrift store.  Most of my flowers are found in "free boxes"
at garage sales.
Another faux bouquet- in front of lace curtains in our living room.


  1. I think your flowers are wonderful as is the pitcher! I just tonight stuck some fall leftovers in that Haviland soup tureen. Looks good for next to nothing. I love flowers and silks are a great bargain...they give us color and mood that can be changed on a whim. No, no fragrance and live flowers are special...but we can have those once in great while...silks every day!

  2. Speaking of thrifting... I've been known to dig artificial flowers out of cemetary trash cans. Found a great bucket one time--used it for years!

  3. I've got some dead ringer silk flowers,Rebecca. I even have some silk gladiolas that are gorgeous. I'm with you, kid! Susan from

  4. Artificial flowers are so amazing and grace any home. Love your piccies and enjoy your blog !! xx

  5. Your bouquets look lovely. No falling petals or pollen dusting down on the table either.



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