nothing he can't fix

50 cents.  And quite a dandy!
He DOES have one small flaw,
but nothing my HandyMan can't fix...
WELCOME, New Friends!  You've been noticed!
I'll be over soon to get better acquainted.


  1. Hi Rebecca...We are both so lucky to have our handyman hubs. Mine is like that, too. Just about anything that breaks, that man can fix. He is amazing to the enth degree.

    Cute rooster. I like roosters. Susan from

  2. i recently discovered your blog and as i turned 62 this summer, i thought i definitely need to follow this blog! :-)

  3. Hi Rebecca... not sure what needs to be fixed on the rooster... is it his beak? I guess if it's not, I'm not very observant! Hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. Oh I just love this rooster Rebecca! What a bargain for fifty cents!

  5. What a handsome fellow, REbecca! Hope you had a fab Sunday.


  6. Another great addition to your collection of wooden things. I can see him sitting on the table next to one of your great wooden bowls.


  7. I love him and what a find! I have one of
    those super can-fix-anything guys around
    too. They sure come in handy!


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