accessories are all the rage!

 She always finds a hat appropriate for the occasion...
 and an apron adds some femininity to an otherwise casual outfit...

Accessorized from top to bottom.
Grandma's shoes and boots work just fine!
Of course a basket over an arm is important, too.
 ...and a Great Smile is the BEST accessory one can ever wear
and it goes with ANYthing!
(You've gotta love the hair stuff going on here, too!)


  1. Your grandchildren are adoreable Rebecca

  2. Accessories are fun....and I see your girls know just how to accessorize.
    I'm loving the smiles on both girls.
    Grandchildren are the sparkles in our eyes!!!

  3. What gorgeous kiddies! I hope you're all having the best time together. x

  4. Your grands look like they are having a great time. And I love all those cool hair beads.

    The smiles say a lot.


  5. Adorable. Hat's are so much fun, I actually still feel like I'm playing dress-up when I wear one.


  6. I used to love trying to get my little tomboy to wear accessories. She later found bucket hats and cool scarves.

    Your grandkids are so sweet. What fun to play with Grandma's things.

    My sisters and I used to borrow my grandma's long head scarves and use them for skirts and shawls.

    So glad some things never change.


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