the longer...the more

 The longer we sit in this room with this arrangement, 
the more we like it!
(We sit in two recliners across the room from this view.)
 While looking for something else, I found these autumn leaves.  
(A thrift store purchase, I'm sure.)
I brought them out and placed them on our "new" round coffee table
alongside the candle.
 Behind the black chair in the first picture is this old, standup radio. 
The slide-out drawer holds a small CD player that supplies some mood music now and then.
The fabric at the bottom of the radio hides some miscellaneous items 
and matches the seat covering on this bench that stands just inside our front door.
The bench is where the red contingency of my tin collection hangs out.
I think I've successfully created my "nest" for cold weather now!
(The longer I live, the more I am content to nest...)


  1. You have a real talent for creating such comforting areas in your home, which is truly a home.

  2. What a beautiful place to rest and relax. I love the little leaves and the old time radio. You can almost feel the warmth and love through the pictures.

  3. Ha! if only my husband would let me stay some where long enough to nest lol!! aghhhh again I will just have to watch you and enjoy :) ~ Your home looks lovely I would love to have tea or coffee or hot cocoa what ever you prefer one day!! Maybe when I am not quite so far away ;) ~Love Heather

  4. I love your nest. You have some very interesting things to view.

  5. Your nest is very inviting Rebecca!

  6. You have a relaxing room, Rebecca....filled with treasures that you can and will enjoy for years to come.
    I took a photo for you this week. It was of one of the Thrift Shops in Waynesville that I'm almost positive you love to shop in. Saw your hubby's golf course, too. I smiled. Maybe we'll meet there one day.
    Smiles to you, my friend.


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