fortuitous finds

Some of you can imagine my ecstasy at spotting 
these items on the side of a country road last night!
We were driving to meet friends,
enjoying the gorgeous fall colors,
(and I confess to having been reading a book out loud)
ALL at the same time!
It's a wonder I saw it!
My husband had to back up.
It was SO worth the stop.
A good cleaning and some wood refinishing, 
and we will have some fine items to enjoy!

I think it worth a heads up to mention 17 Benefits of Being Yourself over at The Simply Luxurious Life.  If you need a little boost to your self- esteem or find yourself wavering under the tides of current trends in decorating or fashion, this post is for you. 

I'm off to enjoy what is predicted to be a wonderful autumn weekend!
Hope you enjoy it, too.


  1. That is a truly amazing find! Beautiful indeed :)


  2. Great finds Rebecca ~ I really like the chair.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Wow, that's what I call multi tasking! Fabulous finds Rebecca.

    xo, Bonnie

  4. You mean along the side of a country road for free?:) Great score!

  5. Have a blast, Rebecca. I love that round table....our kids grew up around a table like that. It's long gone now but hey! Maybe that's our table! Ha ha Take care. Susan from

  6. Wow, those are awesome!! Amazing finds, well done!!

  7. Is that a jogging stroller?
    Great-looking tables and chair, too. I do hope that you will post the "after" on the table and chair later....

  8. Awesome! Awesome!! I love the chair.

  9. Wow! I like it all and when it is rehabed I'll like it all even better. Great find.


  10. Oh! I LOVE that round table!
    I wonder if we shall meet someday, fighting over a table along the side of the road somewhere in the mid-west.


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