free and finished

You might remember our "free" table (curbside find)...
 (above) refinished and still in the garage.
 Finding its place in our living room...
the box on top of the table a thrift store find,
also repaired and finished by my husband.
 Home, at last (for now)...

I'm standing here...
waiting for the hands on the clock to move and
dressed in my signature thrift store style. 
There is a church rummage sale today.
I need a new (used) robe!
Check out WHY here.


  1. I really like that table. It looks really lovely in the space :-)

    it is fun to dress with thrift store finds :)

    Have a good time at the sale!


  2. Wow, beautiful table! Don't you love our handy men?!

    Hope you find a robe!


  3. Great looking table!! You all got it done so fast too!

  4. Wow beautiful table...I love seeing your thrifted treasures ....I so miss my weekly trip to the thrift store~ I will have to now enjoy it through you! Good luck finding your robe ~Love Heather

  5. That table is such an amazing find. I love it in it's new setting.
    Good luck at the rummage sale, we're off to a jumble shortly, can't wait. x

  6. Oh that table is gorgeous!! What an awesome find!

  7. The table is great. Read your reasons for a new robe. Hope you find one and glad you figured out the "lock out" business so it won't happen again.


  8. Rebecca, you have an eye for thrifted items and your husband has the wherewithall and talent to refurbish them. GREAT JOB! That table is a treasure.

    Thanks for all your visits and comments to my blog, too. You are always so welcome. Susan

  9. p.s. Yeahhhhhh, did have to leave these anonymously. Thanks, at last, Google! Susan

  10. Oh, wow. That is REALLY beautiful!


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