more littles

I was happy to find this plate.  I already gave away the one I found earlier this week.
It cost less than a card and (loaded with a few mini-muffins)
made a simple thank you gift for a friend.
 My fascination with wooden objects is unending.  I brought home the bird napkin ring,
a "wide-bowl spork" and a honey dipper from my favorite thrift store today.

 What REALLY fascinated me was this molded nut dish!
The tools were missing, but I knew I had an extra set at home.
Now I'm waiting for a special on some walnuts-in-the-shell.
My husband shopped with me today. 
I have some more treasures to show.  
They are larger and in the garage.  
I'll show them next week, but I couldn't wait to document some of my new "littles"!


  1. Your love of wood makes me think you were a pioneer woman living in Tennesse forests or such in a past life! :) Sweet little it Precious Moments, Holly Hobbie or other?

  2. Cute little things.. I know the bigger things will be great..

  3. What a kind thank-you gift the plate with muffins was, Rebecca. How very thoughtful.
    I love seeing your littles....knowing they are treasured finds. Lovely, all of them....

  4. Hi Rebecca...Loved your idea of the mini muffins on a plate as a giftie. Cute idea. Nice wooden things. Susan

  5. Rebecca I love all your wood finds!! I love wood items too.,

  6. Looking back at the last couple of posts, I've missed, you have gotten many treasures lately! I love the ceramic leaves you got, and the thankyou dish was a wonderful "thankyou"! I, too, have a fascination with wooden things, I think because my dad loved to work with it. You have some beautiful things Rebecca. You know how to treasure hunt!

  7. That squirrel is just fabulous, I love his cheeky face. x

  8. There is something about the patina on old used wooden things isn't there? You can just feel the love and the use they have had. I'm so happy to see you give them a good home.


  9. Such a nice plate, love it :)
    And the wooden things are also fantastic, you're a treasure hunter for sure ;)


  10. I adore the squirrel. Great finds!!

  11. oh some nice treasures you found!! I saw one of those bird napkin rings just yesterday in an antique/import shop here but it was all painted looked like it was from India but the shape was identical I wanted to get it but there was only 1 ...I would love a set. Enjoy your new treasures Love Heather

  12. How nice that you got your plate back, and so soon. The wooden things are lovely. My dad was a wood shop teacher and we were always watching him make marvelous treasures from wood.

  13. Nancy, it is a different plate :) A little different picture & quotation....

  14. You've got me hooked on wooden bowls. I've yet to find one, though, and I refuse to pay full price for one at Walmart... I want to discover a treasure for next to nothing!


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