eighty cents!

I have a weakness for simple, hand-made pottery.  
I couldn't resist this bowl yesterday at my favorite thrift store...
 ...nor this white creamer...
 ...nor this small plate.
Better than a thank you note!
I'm having a difficult time getting the picture of a  Marjolein Bastin (Hallmark) paperweight 
I also purchased.  (The artificial light is creating a bad glare.) 
The shell, flower, and butterfly images in it are blue.  SO beautiful.  
When I brought all of this and another small plate to the cashier,
she announced my total to be $.80.
Eighty Cents!


  1. Wow eighty cents for all these wonderful finds!! What a score Rebecca!

  2. You sure do come across the best finds my friend!


  3. Once again you amaze me with the prices of the things you find. There is something about bowls isn't there? I have a large hand thrown pottery bowl that sits on the table most of the time - usually holding various kinds of fruit.


  4. Great choices! Just learned the Joplin Goodwill has relocated in our town after the tornado...will have to check that out!

  5. Lately our thriftstore has decided that what they are selling is gold. The prices are mostly ridiculous. It adds a new element to the hunt. You have to hunt twice as hard to locate a bargain, and you have to be willing to be disappointed countless times when you find something you love just to find that you could have purchased it cheaper from an antique or department store!

    Good for you! I have a special weekness for hand thrown pottery too...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Oh, what a joy to find treasures at such a good price!

    Blessings on your day,

  7. I love the white creamer. Great finds!

  8. hello
    great finds!!!!!

    blessings regina


  9. The little blue bowl sounds so pretty. I love the white pitcher. I am amazed at the prices you find. Our Goodwill type stores and even garage sales think they are The Ritz with their prices. It's difficult to get a truly great deal - especially on housewares.

  10. .80 whole cents? Egads woman!
    You did fabulous!!!!!!!!! I love getting to see the little pretties that catch your eye and jump into your buggy to live with you.


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