i've got my thrifting groove back...

In anticipation of the Big Snow predicted, I decided to make a run to town to get the wiggles out of me!  When my favorite thrift store was closed Saturday, I really wanted to get there this week.  It's been at least 8 weeks since my last visit.  I found six of the dishes (above) and four rolls of scented drawer liners - still in their box!
The Eiffel Tower tin isn't in my usual style or colors, but hey!  It's French!  It's only in fair-to-good condition, but kind of cool, I thought.
This viewer will make things go smoother when more than two grandchildren are here.  (I think I have two others.)
These three books are in such great condition.  I have someone in mind for the two larger ones and have a small collection of the various pocket Gideon Bibles of my own.
All this from one store!  I don't even want to post what I paid for it all.
It was too GOOD to be true.

let there be books

This is a book I bought at the thrift store some time ago.  It's one of a few special books that I buy when I see them...I enjoy having extras to give away to those I think might enjoy them or who have expressed an interest in the topic.  I just started attending a discussion group that is studying Celebration of Discipline, so I pulled this second edition copy off my bookshelf to use.

We actually visited a thrift store this afternoon.  It's been months since I've been there!  Mainly I bought books.  Three children's Golden Books and a Field Guide to Birds.  Total spent: $1.10!
I'd picked up THIS book at the library earlier this morning.  Having visited a monastery last spring, I was curious when I saw this on the shelf of recent additions to our library.  I was happy to find some interesting, healthy, and relatively easy recipes.  I've noted several of the soup recipes that I hope to try.  The "soup" section began with this verse:
Soup as a main course,
Soup to begin the meal,
And when it is homemade,
It is soup to nourish the soul.  
-Julia Child, The French Chef Cookbook
This is a big roaster full of the Hearty Hamburger soup
I made earlier this week.  We had a  combined celebration of
a 64th wedding anniversary and 50th birthday.
I served it with an apple salad, crackers and cheese spread and Red Velvet Cake for dessert.

a cut above casual

 The $5.99 CUT...
(and dangly earrings and blue plaid bracelet)
The attempt at CASUAL
Knit pants, long white knit top, wool vest,
Everything from my closet, drawers or jewelry box and all thrifted
except for new fishnet trouser socks.
I got my inspiration from the French countryside!

what I'm wearing

Note the thrifted needlework butterfly pillow and the cloth napkin over the back of the chair.
It reads, "Bless all who gather here".
After a few headless shots...
 I decided to settle for the photo below to show what I'm wearing today.  
I'm going to a new study group, then to get my hair cut at Great Clips ($5.99 special today!),
and then to the grocery store where I need to pick up a few cleaning supplies.
All thrifted items:  velvet skirt, black Tee, plaid vest & the gold/silver belt.  
I did splurge and buy 3 trouser socks on sale. 
I'm wearing a pair today with black shoes, also thrifted. 
As I deal successfully with a few extra pounds,
I expect to add some of my existing wardrobe pieces 
back into the daily mix of things!
I can't wait.

i have candles

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.  James Keller

I need to remember to LIGHT them and to not buy ANY more! 
I don't think I've EVER bought a candle in a retail store.
(I've been GIVEN some brand new ones,
but I think any candle I have paid for has been purchased in a thrift store.)


Necklines are interesting.... I found this sweater on a shelf in my closet this morning.  It is warm and suitable for this cold, icy day.  This is NOT a neckline that I normally wear, but it fits snugly and I'm liking it!

Unless I surprise myself and leave the house, I will not add a necklace or scarf.  I'll simply admire myself as I pass the many MIRRORS on our walls...

Do YOU have a favorite neckline?  I think mine is a "V"...

shades and their lamps

When Brenda at Cozy Little House wrote recently under the title of "Shades of Me", I was happy to learn that someone ELSE isn't fond of overhead lighting.  Lamps FILL our living room. Of the seven here, five are in this one room!

A couple of the lamps were bought at a proper furniture store 
with money received as Christmas gifts from piano students...
 The rest are either thrift store or garage sale finds.

tying up loose ends

The skirt fits differently than last year at this time, but I'm happy for a little variety in my wardrobe.  I spent the morning "tying up loose ends" and placing some HEARTS in more prominent places around the house in preparation for company tomorrow evening.  It helps to fill in the gaps left when Christmas decorations went to the attic!

Two tins that sit year 'round in our living room with a third red plaid one...

The trusty belt (again), flannel skirt, black tee and animal print stockings.  
All "hearts" and accessories thrifted along with my entire outfit.


I'll deliver my freshly baked blackberry coffee cake to the bi-weekly Friday meetings of our Ladies' Only Home Connection this morning...(repetitively) wearing my black velvet skirt -- this time with a deep-red, long-sleeved Tee.  I don't know WHERE I'd be without my trusty (and repetitively worn) gold/silver belt.  It was the best quarter I've ever spent, I believe!  It IS beginning to show some wear.  It's about time for a replacement!

much more than an apron

When I recently agreed to trade 2 used garden/nature books for "an apron", 
I had NO idea what I was about to receive.  
In fact, I had decided if I didn't LIKE the apron, I could begin a chain of "trading up"
until I had traded for my dream home
beside a lake in some moderate climate (wherever THAT may be)!
Imagine my EXTREME delight to receive THIS.  
Needless to say there will be NO "trading up"
and I will be sending another book or two to express my gratitude to MoBunny!
Just look at the detail on this apron!  Buttons, trim, and several stitch styles that I wasn't able to capture with the camera on my cell phone...
The apron was pressed smartly, and a wonderful scent wafted sweetly as I unfolded it. 
You can see the secret of the scent on her blog (link indicated above).
The fabric has weight to it and is just the right length for me as I frequently wear long skirts.  
This is MUCH more than an apron.  This is a fashion accessory.
I'm not sure I could bear to work in it. And I certainly won't part with it.
I couldn't be happier!
There was an "extra" tucked in the pocket.  I forgot to take a picture of it.  
A sweet, delicate crocheted "round".  It promptly found a place in one of my doll house bedrooms as a rug.  
It's PERFECT there.