a very good day

 I just KNEW it was going to be a good day,
and so I donned my "everyday" grey skirt
 and chose a golden top to accompany it!
 I knew I was meeting a friend for an early Christmas lunch at Grabill Inn
so I pinned this festive pin on my shoulder.
(After seeing the picture, I repositioned it....)
The baked cod was delicious - as was the cherry crumb pie!
 What I DIDN'T know was that I'd receive a phone call resulting from an ad I'd placed
 indicating my desire to buy a vintage white or tinsel-style Christmas tree!
 Though I'd hoped to pay less for one, I decided to "give" it to myself
and call it an early birthday present.
I DID meet a charming couple
 in transacting the deal!
 They think this tree is about 60 years old.
Each branch was carefully contained in these "sleeves" (above).
 We began the assembling process as soon as my husband got home from work.
 THIS is the finished product.
I guess all I need is a color wheel.
We ended the day skyping one of our granddaughters to wish her 
 Happy Birthday. 
She lives in Illinois; we live in Indiana.
Except for that (the miles that separate us)
it's been a very good day!


  1. Rebecca I am so happy you had a good day. My grandchildren live in Japan, so Illinois is not that far away.
    I would like to skype with them but their mother will not allow that.

    1. Oh, Susan, you're right! Illinois is NOT that far away. And I'm sad about the lack of communication. That must be very painful.

  2. I can just see the colors on the tree from the color wheel. Enjoy your new piece.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. So happy you had a nice day, Rebecca. susan

  4. Interesting tree. I remember when people in my small town first bought them...so unique and "modern" then! A belated Happy Birthday....

    1. Actually, this was an EARLY birthday present :) My birthday is on Christmas day, Bookie!

    2. Ah, the old aluminum tree! What happy memories it brings me. The first Christmas I was married, we bought a little aluminum tree. We could only afford two dozen Christmas balls, and my husband brought home metal filings from work, which resembled spiral chains, to fill in the "holes." We were expecting our first child and would spend our evenings watching the color wheel change the colors on the tree. Thanks for the memories.

      Molly McGuire

    3. What a wonderful, WONDERFUL memory, Molly. I'm so glad you told me about it.

  5. That is one stunning tree, I love it! x

  6. Your tree is GORGEOUS! How smart to advertise for one, I have never thought of that, I might actually find one in this city, too. I can't wait to see it decorated. Be sue to post it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Just wondering if you ever found a color wheel to use with your tree? I don't think we ever had one but some of my friend's families did and I thought they were so neat! I think we were so poor that we just had to go out in the woods on a friend's farm and cut down a small cedar tree each year. But that was always fun and smelled so good!

    Always enjoy reading about what you do!


    1. I haven't found one yet, Marilyn - but haven't gotten serious about the search. After paying more than I'd hoped to spend for the tree, it might be awhile until I can afford one.

  8. What a great tree. I'm happy to see that you got something you wished for even if you had to spend a little more than you had hoped. Sometimes wishes just need to be fulfilled.



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