no rhyme. no reason.

 My first day of December 2012 ended at Bear Creek Farms
 where my husband's office celebrated the season with a buffet dinner
 followed by an Old Fashioned Christmas musical show.
 Here I am.  In Between.  In the gift shop.
 Wearing a dress from the Give and Take Table at church 
 topped with a vintage, black jacket found at a thrift store,
carrying a purse from the same...
(and apparently yearning for some of the Flair of the Floozie)!?!
Earlier in the day, my husband graciously threaded a needle
and mended a few stray borders of the rug above.  
It lies between our kitchen island and a bank of cupboards and refrigerator.
It's old.  It's well-worn.  It's beautiful to me.
 This one, above, is in front of the kitchen sink....
...and THIS one (under our table) is the only one purchased new many years ago.
An assorted lot of rugs, I know.
Just as this post is a little "assorted" - with no rhyme or reason - and
mostly rugs!


  1. Hi my dear! So lovely hear from you, hope you are keeping well! Thats a lovely winter floral outfit and you also have a great selection of homely lovely rugs too, wishing you a good week ahead xxx

  2. You have a lovely collection there.


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