all style; no thrift*

Sunday, we toured Brookside, formerly known here as the Bass Mansion.  John H. Bass was founder of the old Bass Foundry and Machine works and dean of Fort Wayne's pioneer manufacturers. For more than 60 years, Mr. Bass was a leader in the financial and industrial life of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  His country home, "Brookside", was one of Northern Indiana's most attractive suburban estates. The Bass mansion, surrounded by 300 wooded acres and artificial lakes, is now the home of Saint Francis University.

 Local florists decorated each of the rooms and halls for the Christmas tour.
This place is ALL style and NO thrift!
*(I don't mean anything negative by that "NO thrift" comment.
The restoration was done "correctly", I think,
thanks to the generosity of many donors.)
What a pleasure to take in the beauty of this lovingly restored place!

 Obviously I had difficulty knowing which photos to eliminate!



  1. That is so beautiful! I love those old mansions.

  2. I love beautiful old mansions, too, they are always fun to tour. Thanks for the look at it.
    Hugs, cindy

  3. Definitely no thrift here!! What gorgeous shots you took, Rebecca!

  4. Such pretty things...the man on the bench, did he go with the house? Smile! Thanks for sharing your field trip!

    1. Well, let's put it THIS way...He DID come home with me!

  5. Thanks for taking up on your tour. So many fireplaces and I love the round looking room.


    1. There were LOTS of "round" rooms....turrets that lent themselves to Christmas trees this time of the year!
      Even some of the elaborately carved doors were rounded!

      The ballroom featured that huge BLUE dome (though I KNOW that's not the right word - just can't think of it right now. The room itself was not round.....

  6. The rooms are all just gorgeous. What an exciting trip.

  7. Oh, MYYYYYYYY, Rebecca. That place looks fabulous. I would have LOVED that tour. Great photos! So opulent. Loved it! Fun fun fun

    Thanks for all your visits and comments, too.

    Oh, by the way, like your background! Susan


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