i think i "can"

 After seeing the VERY creative "Christmas talisman" Darla fabricated,
 I tried MY hand at it.  (Well, my husband's hand, actually, since
 he was the one who did the bending of the tin can lids.)
MY part was to wield the can opener and select the pictures --
the hard part, you know...
I still need to find a couple more tabs for hangers
and a bauble or two to decorate the corners like Darla did.
But meanwhile, I'm enjoying this creative venture
(and trying to figure out a menu or two that will supply some more can lids)!

By the way, when you're over at Darla's blog,
BE SURE to use the sidebar "index" and take a look
at her OTHER talismans.  They are SO interesting!
 Disclaimer:  I am not a promoter or "believer" in talismans in the traditional sense.
I think of these as purely ornamental.


  1. Yay! Glad I inspired you to create something out of what I call RUBBLE. Yours are great. Heads up, I have an idea for the cardboard inside a roll of toilet paper. No, not Christmas Crackers (although I did some of those years ago). Start saving the cardboard - we'll talk after Christmas :-)


    1. That's SO funny, Darla. I actually HAVE been saving them. What for - I have no idea! I get a little weird that way. And I'm not actually the least bit crafty. I think I was thinking "two-finger puppets" with my grandchildren. (I vaguely remember drawing faces on them as a child myself and putting on puppet plays with the toilet paper rolls innards positioned over two fingers?????????)

  2. Wow you clever girl how neat are those!! Maybe canned soup for lunch :) Love Heather

    1. :) Not as "neat" as Darla's, but these were just my FIRST ones! I think I'm going to try some for Valentine's Day.

      And I'm thinking chili. I'll open 3 cans of beans - as I usually do. That'll be 6 lids!!!!

  3. How very clever!

    And Rebecca, I meant to tell you, you look fabulous...movie star figure now! Wowsers. Congratulations on all your hard work. Susan

    1. Welllllllll...not quite (movie star figure). But thank you, Susan. The REAL hard work has officially begun--Keeping it off!


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