<~candles, mantel, plaids~>

Inspired by an enjoyable Holiday House Walk yesterday,
this morning I lit a few of the red candles I'd grouped on a silver tray.
 Later in the day, I gathered some red and white items
 and arranged them on our mantel.
 I decided to place the small, white ceramic tree I made either last year
 or the year before that inside one of many creches I have.
Three plaid tins add a little more color and fill in the empty spaces...
All I need is a plaid lamp shade.....hmmmmmm.  
Maybe a wide ribbon tied around it?
Speaking of plaid...I'll be wearing this to a Christmas luncheon today.

I found the cummerbund at a thrift store recently (I always check out the belts).
I think it makes a festive statement with this jacket
with its OWN plaid binding.


  1. Your mantel looks so nice. Love all the white things...just enough red to spice it a bit...restful scene in busy season!

  2. Looks lovely, Rebecca. Very nice. Thanks for sharing! Susan

  3. Your plaid looks very festive, on your mantel as well as on yourself. I especially love red plaid, I wish I had some to add to my decor. I love that you wear skirts, you look lovely in them.
    Love Cindy

  4. Beautiful....as usual. You have SUCH a gift for decorating and matching stuff. I admire that. Something I sure don't have! ha

  5. I'm enjoying your Christmas decorations. The plaid cummerbund is the perfect accent for your outfit.


  6. You always dress so appropriately and beautiful. Love the red jacket with its plaid trim. My father loves red plaid so Mother bought a lot of it for my daughters at Christmas. They had matching nighties in it one Christmas.

  7. The mantle looks pretty. It has been fun watching the R. G. elegant thrifting style emerge in decorating and clothing style. I think a plaid ribbon would be nice on the lamp.


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