Not the greatest pose - but probably the better picture of the two available..
I'm dressed to attend the funeral mass for a friend's mother later this morning.
Clothes - ALL from thrift stores!  It's my favorite vintage black jacket, by the way.
 Yesterday, I found the "lost" stockings.  Was I ever relieved!
 They now are hanging on our staircase banister.
The one on the top in the picture was recently added to the collection
to assure that all 11 of our grandchildren would have a stocking.
(I believe ALL of them were thrift store purchases.)
 I'm enjoying the occasional reflections of the sun shining in a window
 off my "new" vintage tree.
We've decided to enjoy the tree unadorned this Christmas...
...and kind of right out in the middle of the room, too!


  1. Now, you need one of those color wheels to go with your tree, Rebecca. That would probably be a vintage item, as well.

    1. Jackie, I'm "in the market" for one as soon as I experience a little "economic recovery" from the purchase of the tree :)

  2. Your new tree is lighting up the whole room, Rebecca! Very nice indeed. Your outfit is nice, too. Susan

  3. Wow. That tree REALLY brings back memories. And you look terrific!

    1. Yes! I've had many people share memories of just such a tree. (And thank you for the compliment.)

  4. Your outfit looks great. It is such fun to buy thriftily. :-)

    Glad you have all the Christmas stockings. Your tree definitely is vintage. When I came in to work this morning I saw a miniature one exactly like yours in our front window. It is 24 inches high by about 18 inches wide.

    Enjoy your holidays.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. That's such a classy outfit adn I love the reflection on the ceiling, very arty! x

  6. You look terrific, what a great jacket. I like the tree unadorned myself.


  7. You look Lovely... I just Sold a 6 ft. Aluminum 1960's Pom-Pom Tree that had been my Dad's & is very similar to your "New" Old Tree! The Lady that bought it was delighted and it warmed my Heart to know it was going to a good Home where it would be put up every year and properly appreciated... it had sat far too long in storage since none of the Family felt right putting it up after Dad Passed. Thanks for stopping by... I Agree, Moderation in all things, including Generosity and Gratification is very important. As G-Parents we want to ensure that every Grandchild receives something even if it is only a little bit... when you have so many though it soon adds up! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Love the reflections....I have said it before and will say it have a nice sense of style.


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