some days...

Some days I don't feel like wearing my typical long skirts.
So, this morning I paired a shorter-than-usual dress
with a nubby jacket with similar colors.
Added an aqua Christmas-y "corsage"
and now I'm off for music practice, church, dinner out,
and a 50th anniversary celebration in the afternoon.
 Some days the small, vintage plaques I've collected over the years
 speak to me more than others.
This is one of those days.
They catch my eye at thrift stores and garage sales
where they are apparently not widely appreciated...
 This particular tiny one hangs in an alcove in our home.
The reference below it directs me to Titus 2:13.
I "went there" this morning and read the verses surrounding it (11 through 14).
I'm LOOKING for that Blessed Hope!
 The jacket and dress both came from the "Give and Take" table
at church at two different times.
 I don't know if they belonged to the same person before,
but NOW they do!
  Some days I just need something sweet.
I really like these - especially when they are fresh and soft and chewy.
Today they ARE.


  1. Love the shorter skirt on you--I am all about shorter skirts. The long ones make me feel like I'm on the prarie--and hauling them in and out of the car is a pain! Shorter skirts are liberating!

  2. My kids LOVED those soft peppermint chews. Now we have a little difficulty finding them but they do satisfy a sweet tooth and they have a good bit of peppermint extract that helps to reduce the sweetness. You look very very nice by the always.

    1. I found these in our neighboring small town in a unique and wonderful store - Grabill Country Sales :)

  3. That's a very pretty outfit, my friend. You are going out in style today!
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. Cindy, I DID change to black stockings after seeing the picture. It helped :)

  4. How fortunate that you were able to snatch up both the dress and jacket. They were indeed made for each other, and for you!

  5. Don't know if these pieces were together before you got them but you sure have "married" them well. You have a very good eye for such things.


  6. Hi my dear! I hope you are well, its always so nice to hear from you. You're looking very stylish and the dress and jacket work so well together they really are lovely finds! Hope your day went well, sounded like it was going to be really nice!

  7. I really like the shorter dress on you. Makes me re-think wearing shorter styles myself.


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