we do!

"Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do
Or do without"
Most of us have HEARD this adage or a variation of it.
At OUR house, we try to DO it.
This Rubbermaid(?) organizer has hung on cabinet doors
in a few houses I've lived in (THIS one, for the past 9+ years).
No doubt the unit has stretched,
and for sure the packaging of these items has shrunk!
The paper and foil seem to always be falling out - to my aggravation and consternation.
So this morning - EARLY this morning - I asked my husband to help "make it do".
These are his hands and the terrific solution!
We DO make it do!
 These slacks just may be as old as the Rubbermaid organizer!
At any rate, they are good quality and lined.
The pleats don't do a thing for my figure,
but I don't mind "making do".
The outfit will see me through a varied schedule from morning through evening.
(Everything I'm wearing came from a thrift store
at one time or another.)


  1. Nice to have a clever man about!!!

  2. You really do the "making do" thing so well. No one would ever believe that you hadn't spent a small fortune on your clothes and home decor. You are an inspiration!


    1. Few (if any) of my clothes cost more than $2. Most between $1-$2. Home decor, I more frugal than you would probably believe :)

  3. You look amazing. Wasn't it just a year ago we were complaining we wanted to lose weight? I am so glad we did! Congrats friend. I love that you a make do-er. I am too. Love the collection of white too.
    Merry Christmas sweet friend!!

  4. Thanks, Jamie. Yes, I'm SO glad we did, too! And congratulations to you, too. I often think to myself how grateful I am to have "moved the mountain" and not have it looming over me.

    Merry Christmas to you & your sweet family.

  5. Hi Rebecca...Oh yes, we make do and redo all the time. Your hubs is clever and you look nice. I like your background on the blog, too. Susan


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