my creative man

 After fashioning 3 of these chalkboards out of sample cabinet doors
 that we had been given a long time ago,
 my husband made this tree out of scraps remaining from the project
 and presented it to me on Christmas morning!
I had this idea in my Christmas file on Pinterest.
I might stencil some words on its "branches" 
when things calm down a bit around here!
Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying looking at it...
My creative man works wonders!


  1. The chalkboard doors came out beautiful .. and the tree .. well my daughter made a similar one for her tree this year and it was perfect for her small apartment. Your hubby is very handy/talented.

  2. Clever items, all of them! I like the simplicity of the tree. I am guessing if you stencil words, it would be a tree that would be use all year instead of just Christmas...or...just Christmas words?

    I just heard a note from my son who says northern Kentucky got the snow storm also. Amazing the southern part of Kansas and Missouri is so clear...I hope Mother Nature doesn't try to correct her oversight!

    1. I liked one I saw that had the words, "For unto us a child is born" written on them....but you've planted a seed thought....maybe blank so I could use it year 'round. Decisions, decisions! (I've thought about hanging Christmas cards over them. Might see how that works today, if I have a minute.)

  3. Merry Christmas! Such nifty ideas. =)

  4. Great door repurposing. You do indeed have a Handy Man.


  5. Hi my dear! what a very thoughtful and original gift! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a lovely weekend! xxx

  6. I love the simplicity of your tree. You are so blessed to have a husband who can create such wonders. My father was a great woodworker, too. He was more of an expert craftsman than an artist, however.


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