Autumn Fabric - Thrifty Style

For some reason, I'm stuck on "Autumn Fabrics".  After seeing this post on "Lark About" for the first time, I've returned several times just to look.  Take a peek yourself, if you have time.  Here are a few autumn fabrics from my own home....

I'm wearing a little bit of autumn fabric today. This is the first time I've worn this vintage blouse. Notice the scalloped hemline on it.  Of course, my jacket, skirt and shoes are also thrifted.  I will be playing the piano at the nursing home hymn sing, and I'm hoping for some time at Borders with my husband later in the afternoon.


  1. Oh, I totally *HEART* the little scalloped hem on your blouse. I can almost picture that it had a cute skirt to go with it BUT it looks beautiful paired with what you are wearing. Have fun visiting, playing the piano, singing and the trip to Borders! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.


  2. Hi there-thats a really nice top and I love that jacket too!

  3. cute outfit! i did notice the scalloped hemline and i love it! nice pattern mixing here too.


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