I've always liked the detail on the back of this skirt.  It has been in my closet for over 20 years when our oldest daughter wore it during her high school years.

I've paired it with a contrasting knit sweater in a similar intensity of another color (thrifted), and covered the sweater with a brown tweed jacket with velvet collar, also thrifted

A belt with a brown buckle and brown shoes with brown tortoise shell clips are among my accessories.  I'll carry this purse to our meeting later tonight..All of the accessories were found at thrift stores, so everything you see here (minus the skirt) totaled $6 or  a little less.


  1. Oh my goodness! Any 60 year old who can wear their daughter's high school skirt is more than amazing in my book! I have, for some very strange reason, all these years held onto the dress I wore to my high school graduation in 1967. I can't imagine why. And I definitely can't remember ever being that SMALL! I love the detail of those pleats too!

  2. oh my gosh, how much do I love that skirt! Those pleats, you're right it's all in the details.

    You're stylin' as usual Rebecca!


  3. great outfit and the colours work beautifully!! Have a great weekend my dear!


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