What Would Della Do?

I'm getting a little braver with colors and spent considerable time in the closet this morning asking myself, "What could Della do with this?"

I've not even BEGUN to achieve her creativity and variety.  Possibly that is due to the extra age I have on me.....

At any rate, it's all from thrift stores or garage sales.  The necklace is my latest garage sale purchase.  I've just "got" something for these multi-strand beads right now.


  1. Hi there-your skirt is fab!! I adore leopardprint and your accessories are just perfect for the outfit my dear!!

    PS-Regarding my coat, they are like 'stormflaps', like what you have on a trench coat. I am pleased with the coat, it has quite a few different interesting features!

  2. love the pink accents with the animal print! fantastic get-up!

  3. You always look great in your pictures, my favorite is your necklace but then I love anything pink......:-) Hugs

  4. Surely your area isn't still having garage sales in Nov. So you must have bought up a bunch of stuff and now you are having a blast making outfits! Very clever. Wish I could do that!!

  5. OMG I love your outfit!!!!! The combo is amazing with the animal print skirt, the pink details and the other pieces to smoothed.
    You look fantastic!!!


  6. Came over from Della's. I like looking at different styles and it is always a great treat to find a women over 30 posting about fashion. Thrifted fashion is even better.



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