Thrifting for Home and Library

Even though I've been successful in curbing my thrifting impulses, it's hard to pass up a signed $.25 pot!  I found it last week at a thrift store in Winona Lake/Warsaw.  I'm hesitant to name the shop because they have some of the least expensive books ANYwhere and I don't want competition!  (Actually, I don't get over there too much anyway.)  Twenty-five cents for hardbacks!

Sister Wendy's "favorite things" include colored pictures of such art work as this of Van Gogh.  How could I NOT buy this book?

See more of my books here......


  1. Hi Rebecca, it's a good thing I live in San Diego or I would be right alongside you thrifting away! I visited your post on books, I LOVE books, I get most of my books from The Friends of the Library on the cheap and now find it hard to purchase a book at Borders and such!

    What a great find in the pot and Sister Wendy, LOVE her! I enjoyed her PBS series and learned a lot.

    Have a lovely day, Bonnie

  2. The pot is great and the book is a treasure. Our hardbacks in thrift stores have gone way up but of course still cheaper than new. Most of my reading material comes from the library but I like to buy a few books to take up to the mountains. I'm always afraid I'll leave a library book there.


  3. Hi there-great buys my dear, you have a good eye!! Have a nice week ahead!


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