What's in the Closet?

I chose these earrings and necklace to accompany the sweater and skirt I wear today.  I'll go to Cracker Barrel to have lunch with a friend and coffee this evening with another friend. 

The navy wool skirt has yellow, red, blue and green stripes in it.  In the dim light of my closet, this turquoise sweater seemed to match either the blue or green stripe.  Not so much in daylight! 
I'd really like to nab a yellow blazer like I saw recently on someone's blog.  That would really go well with this skirt!
Everything thrifted - though not recently. 


  1. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and it you look good in it. I agree that a yellow jacket would set the skirt off.


  2. Hi there-I love the turquoise sweater with the skirt best, yellow may be too matchy-matchy??

  3. you look fantastic in turquoise!

  4. Yep, bring on the turquoise for Rebecca. GREAT color on you!


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