Free Home Style

It's hard to beat "free"!  The 80's oil painting with a sweet mountain, stream & cabin, the praying angel, and unique glass candle holder ("Italy" glass) were in the free box at the one garage sale I visited yesterday.

For church this morning, I'm wearing a sleeveless blouse with matching jacket that was given me by a friend.  I like this color with my brown skirt (thrifted).  You can't see the brown & white scarf I'm wearing along with gold beads and earrings and an assortment of 6 brown  bangle bracelets.  My entire outfit, shoes included, were either gifts, garage sale purchases or thrifted.


  1. Oh, I love that sweet little picture and you're wearing one of my fave color combos blue and brown.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. That's such a lovely picture!!!
    And you seem to look adorable with that awesome colour combo, the bright blue is stuning.


  3. I love blue and brown but never thought of putting it together in an outfit. I have pants and off to the thrift store soon to find blue top and some brown shoes! You look downright SKINNY! Bravo Lady Rebecca!


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