Late Autumn Sunday Attire

I'm wearing two necklaces with this casual, zip-up jacket that I thrifted several years ago.

Brown skirt, thrifted this year
Brown shoes, thrifted this past Friday

Ready for church and maybe dinner out?

See some reflections about life in the "late autumn" stage at my health & fitness blog.


  1. You Have a fabulous style Rebecca and you appear to be tall from your photos, I would love to be tall!
    Love Di

  2. Not so tall, Diana. I just know how to slant the mirror to make me look tall and slender :)
    5'5" (and shrinking).

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    5'5" IS tall to me ! I'm 5'2" and shrinking!
    Anything over 5'5" is tall to me ! My kids are all taller than me, my hubby is 6'3", my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, all taller than me ! I don't know what happened!!!!
    Love Di

  4. This made me smile! "Thrifting".... what a great word, and how SMART your looks are. You have a sense of how to put it all together and make it work in a special way. Loved it!

  5. Oh I haven't seen this.
    I love it!!! The two necklaces are so well paired and so "in". Giving an uplift to the whole outfit.
    Love the Autumn colours... ;-)

    And that's a lovely profile picture.



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