Evening of Day 2 of Thanksgiving Week

Changed my top and "bottoms" (shoes & stockings) to go shopping this afternoon. 
I like this look better than what I started with this morning.


  1. Hello dear, I'm sorry I've been a bit away in comments.
    I really like this combination... the grey socks and the grey belt give that continuity to the whole look.

    Hmmm... may I be boring and talk again about you skirt length???? Sorry if I'm crossing any private line.


  2. Hi there-I love the cut and colour of your skirt!!

  3. Thanks, SR. Who knows? I somehow feel more "secure" or more true to my age when I wear the longer length....but then I look at a few photos and see that I look fine in a shorter skirt, too....

  4. I must tell you, my dear, that I'm very moved and touched by your comment on my "blog-iversary".
    Thank you so much for your kind words and support.
    God bless you.



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