Almost Vintage?

Thifted years ago, this jacketed dress has hung in my closet for many years.  Apparently the houndstooth pattern is in vogue again...I'm not so sure about the shoulder pads. However, the lining is sewn securely, and I'm not in the mood to disrupt it to remove the padding.

Coupled with a two-strand pearl necklace (thrifted) and drop pearl earrings (formerly my daughter's), I am ready for an excursion through the heavy fog that accumulated this morning to go to church.


  1. Hi there-I really love this, its one of the best looks I like on you, don't try and alter it, its perfect as is and totally on trend too!!

  2. Thanks SR! I needed that. It fits me well - I just feel a little like a linebacker with my shoulder pads. Seeing your blue coat/jacket gave me courage to wear this :)

  3. OMG Rebecca!!!! You look awesome!
    As Sharon I think this is my fav outfit of yours so far.
    The jacket couldn't be more perfect, the houndstooth is soooooo in and shoulder pads too, channeling the 80's.
    And I'm sorry if I'm being annoying but that is the hemline that flatters you most in my opinion.
    Perfect outfit!!!!!



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