Vintage Christmas Monday #2

I've chosen to show some vintage Christmas/winter oil paintings that are propped up or hanging in our Christmas cabin.  These are either paint-by-numbers or naive free style paintings.

The cabin has a Christmas tree motif.  Most of these paintings (all found at thrift stores or in garage sales) include pine trees - bare or green.
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I'm not thrilled with the clarity of this picture.  If you look closely, you can see the Christmas tree pin  I'm wearing on the lapel of my thrifted (Pendleton) black jacket.(I have a small collection of Christmas tree pins.)

I'm wearing a pretty simple outfit for a pretty complicated day I'm also using this outfit to illustrate Holiday Health Tip #7.

Evening of Day 2 of Thanksgiving Week

Changed my top and "bottoms" (shoes & stockings) to go shopping this afternoon. 
I like this look better than what I started with this morning.

Thanksgiving Week, Day 2

After a fine, relaxing day spent with my church family and friends (including an evening of conversation and refreshments with our "Home Connection"),  I've dressed to tackle a few projects to ready our home for the arrival of our daughter and her family tomorrow evening. I'm wearing all thrifted items including:

Deep red corduroy skirt
Off-white casual cotton top
Denim vest

White studded belt

Ivory necklace

I'm participating in Vintage Christmas Monday by posting a few items from my vintage Christmas collection.  (Of course, most of these have been purchased at thrift stores.)  If you click on the image above, you'll be linked to some other wonderful blogs.

A vintage angel floral pick and wall pocket

       I'll actually be posting more vintage items 
on my other blog - Life and Godliness.  Come on over!

Late Autumn Sunday Attire

I'm wearing two necklaces with this casual, zip-up jacket that I thrifted several years ago.

Brown skirt, thrifted this year
Brown shoes, thrifted this past Friday

Ready for church and maybe dinner out?

See some reflections about life in the "late autumn" stage at my health & fitness blog.

All "old"; all thrifted.

Red (child's) jacket.  Plaid trim & appliques
Black & white toille knit shirt
Black slacks
Black and white scarf

I can't wait to wear these $.30 shoes that I found yesterday!  GREAT condition! (I didn't look close enough at the other black suede pair that I bought.  The suede is flaking off in a couple of places.  I might try to creatively cover up those spots with some fabric puff paints.)

Ring Around the Scarf

All found in my closet and drawers this morning....
Thrifted linen blouse
Thrifted black slacks
Thrifted scarf
Scarf ring

Fetching and Floor-length

Black denim vest, thrited
Black full sleeve top, thrifted
Full-length denim-looking linen jumper, thrifted
Silver hoop earrings (thrifted) & silver necklace (Mexico)
Black boots, thrifted

What's in the Closet?

I chose these earrings and necklace to accompany the sweater and skirt I wear today.  I'll go to Cracker Barrel to have lunch with a friend and coffee this evening with another friend. 

The navy wool skirt has yellow, red, blue and green stripes in it.  In the dim light of my closet, this turquoise sweater seemed to match either the blue or green stripe.  Not so much in daylight! 
I'd really like to nab a yellow blazer like I saw recently on someone's blog.  That would really go well with this skirt!
Everything thrifted - though not recently. 

Casual Tuesday

All Closet - All Thrifted
Red cardigan sweater
Gray jumper worn without blouse or shirt
Red belt
Shoes - black, open heels

Breakfast meeting with a friend, ceramics in the afternoon, and an unplanned evening.
Who knows WHAT will happen!

(I was trying to cover up a wet spot on my jumper with my hand.  One could think I was pregnant from looking at the picture, but I didn't have time to redo it.  Maybe I should have omitted the picture and just tried to describe the outfit in words.  Oh, well.  What's done is done.)

My Excusion into Shirt Dresses

I like the pocket on this jacket  I wore over a vintage blue dress to church on Sunday.

Today I'm wearing black denim jeans, a pastel blue long-sleeved shirt, covered up by a blue denim shirt dress.  I've added come color with a woven belt and a funky (I think that's a good word to describe it) necklace.  Ankle boots complete the outfit.
All thrifted, of course!

Thrifting for Home and Library

Even though I've been successful in curbing my thrifting impulses, it's hard to pass up a signed $.25 pot!  I found it last week at a thrift store in Winona Lake/Warsaw.  I'm hesitant to name the shop because they have some of the least expensive books ANYwhere and I don't want competition!  (Actually, I don't get over there too much anyway.)  Twenty-five cents for hardbacks!

Sister Wendy's "favorite things" include colored pictures of such art work as this of Van Gogh.  How could I NOT buy this book?

See more of my books here......


I've always liked the detail on the back of this skirt.  It has been in my closet for over 20 years when our oldest daughter wore it during her high school years.

I've paired it with a contrasting knit sweater in a similar intensity of another color (thrifted), and covered the sweater with a brown tweed jacket with velvet collar, also thrifted

A belt with a brown buckle and brown shoes with brown tortoise shell clips are among my accessories.  I'll carry this purse to our meeting later tonight..All of the accessories were found at thrift stores, so everything you see here (minus the skirt) totaled $6 or  a little less.

Scarfin' It Up!

I'm very much in the experimental stages when it comes to wearing scarves!  (But I KNEW I need something to spice up this denim ensemble.)  Thrifted scarf, thrifted jeans, thrifted denim vest, thrifted red knit top.

Mid-Week Fashion

A thrifted brown wool jacket worn over a thrifted patterned knit top.
Black corduroy skirt, also thrifted.

The close up picture of the jacket makes it appear oranger than it actually is (I DO have another orange jacket), but I really like the buttons and wanted to show them off. This outfit will be "just right" for driving to Ohio to be with my mother while my father has his first cataract surgery.  A second will follow next week.

The sky is clear and sunny; the temperature cool but pleasant.

Aprons I Have Loved

A vintage apron I thrifted yesterday (along with some $.25 hardback books, and a pair of footless tights).  If you click on the picture, you may be able to see that the "dots" are actually orange and gray leaves.

I put on a red belt and donned my thrifted red cape/shawl, and I'm off to ceramics, Red Hats dinner, and coffee with a friend before landing at home tonight.

Sunday Evening Casualwear

I belted this linen tunic.  It's the perfect weight to wear this evening to a social/study evening at some friends' home.  The capris have a zipper opening at the sides--an interesting detail.  Everything thrifted, including shoes and an assortment of brown and amber bracelets. What a beautiful day it has been!

Almost Vintage?

Thifted years ago, this jacketed dress has hung in my closet for many years.  Apparently the houndstooth pattern is in vogue again...I'm not so sure about the shoulder pads. However, the lining is sewn securely, and I'm not in the mood to disrupt it to remove the padding.

Coupled with a two-strand pearl necklace (thrifted) and drop pearl earrings (formerly my daughter's), I am ready for an excursion through the heavy fog that accumulated this morning to go to church.

Autumn Fabric - Thrifty Style

For some reason, I'm stuck on "Autumn Fabrics".  After seeing this post on "Lark About" for the first time, I've returned several times just to look.  Take a peek yourself, if you have time.  Here are a few autumn fabrics from my own home....

I'm wearing a little bit of autumn fabric today. This is the first time I've worn this vintage blouse. Notice the scalloped hemline on it.  Of course, my jacket, skirt and shoes are also thrifted.  I will be playing the piano at the nursing home hymn sing, and I'm hoping for some time at Borders with my husband later in the afternoon.

"...the way we live, what is happening..."

" has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel      This is what's happening.  This is the way we live.  We found and salvaged this artificial plant from alongside a trash bin. Add a clearance-priced string of lights leftover from Halloween--and a magical effect is happening in the corner of our front porch. It's equally cheerful in the daylight.

             And this is what I'm wearing today - I go to ceramics this morning and will meet a friend for coffee this evening.  In between, some research and study....

Thrifted skirt, first time wearing
Thrifted jacket from my closet
Thrfited black blouse
Thrifted gold necklace
Thrifted earrings (you can't see them, but they're unique!)

Layering for Warmth

It's time to layer.  So I went to my closet to find this warm, wool vest.  I decided to wear my thirfted red belt OVER the top of the vest which covers a $.50 white long-sleeved tee I found at a garage sale this summer.  Worn with a comfortable thrifted skirt and thrifted black shoes....

What Would Della Do?

I'm getting a little braver with colors and spent considerable time in the closet this morning asking myself, "What could Della do with this?"

I've not even BEGUN to achieve her creativity and variety.  Possibly that is due to the extra age I have on me.....

At any rate, it's all from thrift stores or garage sales.  The necklace is my latest garage sale purchase.  I've just "got" something for these multi-strand beads right now.