kitchen blues

I believe everything here was either purchased at garage sales or thrift stores.
I keep an eye out for towels & hot pads in good shape. 
Now and then I find them for a quarter - or less!
'Cause of gas prices (and a full house), I haven't been "shopping" so much lately.
If I see a sign or pass a thrift store going somewhere else, 
I often stop though.  
Just to check it out.
The egg cup is upside down.  It holds more toothpicks this way.


  1. Oh very pretty ~that I am sure looks lovely with all your white dishes as well ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  2. Oh, how I love blue and whites! I would be comfy in your kitcehn!

  3. Your blues are very beautiful!

  4. I like the top *blue* with the Great Grandmother always had a cup of silverware on her table. I still think it is neat. Your towels and pot-holders look (((soft))).

  5. Very pretty. And I love that fact that you got it all second hand. I love garage sales and thrift stores and people are always amazed at what I find. Plus, it is cheaper and protects our worlds resources when we buy used.

  6. Box it up and send it to me would you??? I have a blue and white kitchen, collect blue and white china and love the willow ware patterned can.


  7. That is such a pretty collection. I, too, have had to stop 'shopping' b/c I have too much and am trying to clean up my space, but I try to be a paper crafter and 'hoard' that sort of thing. LOL

  8. As everyone said it's a beautiful collection, dear.

    I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog, drop by you might find it interesting and enter, thanks.


  9. Love blue things Rebecca! To get them at a bargain too, is simply the best!!


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