a view from the heights

This morning, I took my mother to look for a dress to wear to her granddaughter's wedding.  No success.  (She decided to wear something already in her closet.)  Then we wandered to the shoe department.  She wanted to show me some of the high heeled shoes she'd seen when shopping with my dad a few days ago. That's me on the left; her on the right.  I decided to try these on.  I held on to both sides of the shoe aisle to walk to the end where I took this picture in the mirror.
 Honestly, the actual foot part was quite comfortable.  
The height, however, was ImpOSsIBLe!
The price was about as steep as the heels were tall! 
(I'm SO spoiled by the price of my thrift-store-purchased shoes.)
Wearing these shoes, I was close to 6' tall!
Having lived 62 years at 5'5", I think I'll stay down here.
It was quite a view from the heights!
Sheila is the "Queen of Shoes" (and accessories) as far as I'm concerned.
She frequently views the world from the heights.
She's also a couple of decades younger than me, I think.


  1. How funny! I love the shoes and used to wear heels that were high for their times...but like so much else, I accept that is something gone and not likely to come back to this life! 5'5''...pretty tall to my 5'3!

  2. Bookie, I used to wear high heels for my time, too. And almost all day every day. I loved to wear them. These, however, take high heels to a whole new level!

  3. I wore high heels until I was around 40, then I started "falling off them" *sigh*

  4. Those shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them. I do like to wear a bit of heel once in awhile but they still have to be comfortable.


  5. I can't deny it, I'm a high heels woman, despite sometimes I wear flats.


  6. Wow those are some shoes!! I love heels I wear them so rarely but I love being taller than my husband hehehe.....I am 5 6" so I know what you mean with heels I feel so tall....I do much of the same though when I wear them I hold on for dear life lol!! We are spoiled shopping at the thrift store aren't we I hate paying full price...I just can't seem to do it ~Have a wonderful day ~Love Heather

  7. Beautiful high heels, Rebecca, If I was twenty years younger.... Oh well I can dream again. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Maybe you should go back and get them...they are stylin'!! But I am like you....I am 5'7", well, I used to be. ha! And just like flats!

  9. All I can think of when looking at stilettos is "broken hip". At 5'2" the extra height would be welcome but...*sigh*... Not only are the heels high but the price follows...we are indeed spoiled by the thrift stores.


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