peacock feathers forever!

While in a thrift store during our vacation a couple of weeks ago, I spied this belt.  If I could lose about an inch at my waistline, I could actually WEAR it!  It really is beautiful. 
Up close & in a different light...
If you'd like to see another fashion item that incorporates a peacock feather,
go see the incredible beaded top that Sharon treated herself to for Mother's Day. 
It's a beauty!


  1. Hi my dear!! Thanks for the shout out here and your belt is indeed so stunning, I hope you get to wear it very soon, its gorgeous xxx

  2. Oh, aren't our tummies a hinderance! You have a new goal here, a pretty one too. My granddad had peacocks at his home so I grew up with the feathers being abundant...always gorgeous however they were used by creative people....

  3. That is such a beautiful belt. I know you have the will power! Alison.

  4. I just love your accessories. You remind me of the poem~ when I am old I shall wear purple... Not saying that you're old! Just a laugh, as you know I'm no spring chicken myself!!


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