weekend wardrobe

 Dark, windy and damp...
 maybe a little color will perk me up...
I often forget to add a scarf to my outfits -
(or simply despair of tying them attractively).
Not this morning!
I found this scarf in a thrift store while on vacation recently.  
It works with the striped shirt from my "closet".


  1. I just adore scarves..Your outfit is smashing beautiful lady!

  2. Surely this last siege of cold and damp will be it before "real" spring! Your perky green is a spring green, promising Easter and sun!

  3. Oh love the green I think that is a great pick me up for a rainy day ~:) have a great weekend Love Heather

  4. I have a good friend who wears scarves often and I so admire the look! Yours is sporty and chic, Rebecca!!

  5. I love the scarf. I must add more to my wardrobe. They do add a "pop" to an outfit. Have a great weekend.

  6. Very attractive scarf, Rebecca, and green is such a pretty color. Susan

  7. Love your spring-like top and scarf...such a perfect color match! The green is as fresh as new leaves on the trees.

  8. Great combination, Rebecca!!!
    Mixing prints with the same colours is so cool!!

    Hope you're ending your weekend the best way.


  9. Like the Seeker says, this is a great combo. I think the scarf really takes the tee out of the ordinary.


  10. Very Nice ! The green looks really good on you! I always love reading your blog and seeing the pictures! Keep up the good work.

    Marilyn...in Mississippi

  11. oh yeah! that looks GREAT! Love that shade of green and looks very spring-like!


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