reading in our christmas cabin

 In our backyard cabin, you'll find plenty of reading material!
Christmas issues of my favorite magazines peek over the top of this rustic caddy.
There are Christmas-themed books for readers of all ages...
You can read while sitting in a comfy chair or at the desk...
Everywhere you look, it will be Christmas,
and almost EVERYTHING was purchased at a thrift store or garage sale!
For more pictures, go to the longer post at my "main blog".
Better yet, come "read" in person! 


  1. Looks like it's Christmas in April in your cabin, Rebecca. I really like that classy chair, too! Hope you are having a great Saturday! Susan

  2. Christmas in April works for me!

  3. How ideal, to have a place to slip away for Chistmas any hour of any day!

  4. You know it never occurred to me (all the way over here in Oregon) to want to visit Indiana. But your guest cabin is a beautiful invitation! The true beauty of a home is the heart of the keeper. Your heart shows in everything you write (that I've been blessed to read so far) and the details that you love over. What gives more comfort seasonly than Christmas? It was definitely inspired for you to choose to decorate your place of hospitality in something that is so warm and inviting to the soul. Blessings to you as you bless, Debbie

  5. Hi my dear-a lovely area indeed, Christmas all year round is a fabulous idea!! Have a great week xx

  6. So where do I sign up? I love your idea of Christmas all year. What fun it must be to be a guest in your cabin.



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