more free and just-about-free

 Free eggs and the pink basket I found for next-to-free at my favorite thrift store yesterday
the free chair (found curbside), assembled and painted!
Today I'm wearing a denim skirt with pockets and these comfortable shoes that I can slip in and out of easily as I slip in and out of the house!  The sun is shining and there is work to be done in the flower beds!
I like the pattern of this vintage barkcloth.  It was an old curtain.  
I've used the fabric to cover the seat of this chair and to make pillows.


  1. Hi Rebecca! Was just scanning some blogs before starting to work in my office and saw yours. So glad you got those lovely, colored eggs for next to nothing. The shoes look comfy and the idea of using an old curtain to make a chair cover is a good one!

    Lucky for you that it's sunshining there. Cold, dark, and gray in New England. ha!

    Take care and have a super good day. Susan

  2. Now that is one fine looking chair..just beautiful. I too love free free free by the

  3. Hello Rebecca, dear!!
    Such beautiful mix of colours :-)

    Again great finds.


  4. It is amazing to me what people find by the curb!! The only thing I ever found free, was someone this past Christmas put a Christmas popcorn tin in the trash. I brought it home and my hubby thought I was nuts!

  5. Free is always nice...blessings

  6. Wow so fabulous all the little projects going on the chair looks great painted...The other day I found 2 tablecloths a very cute plaid and I recovered all the pillows on my couch for 4$ gotta love it right!! ~Wonderful Treasures~thanks for sharing~ Wishing you a fantastic week ~Love Heather

  7. Heather - Show us your pillows! What a great project. I'm "into" plaid these days myself!

  8. Susan, Have you decided how to use that Christmas tin yet? We have a few tins around here, too. I know one is storing miscellaneous Christmas ornaments. I'm trying to think what is inside the others....

  9. I see you are getting ready for Easter. Wow, that chair came out really nice. Curb finds are the best!


  10. Wow, quick work on the chair. Love it!!
    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Debbie, That would be my husband :)

  12. Nice finds! love the chair especially! I'm sure that's for your grands when they come to visit! Here's a suggestion for small tins: I use them for jigsaw puzzles. The grandkids love doing puzzles and the cardboard boxes they come in just don't hold up.


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