This is the "blue" of the red, white and blue skirts I found at the thrift store yesterday.  It is a Pendleton.  (I was unaware that Pendleton did anything except wool!)

It fits fine.  I'm SO happy to have some options to fit at a very thrifty price.  I don't want to remain at this size forever and was reluctant to "invest" much $$$ in a suitable wardrobe for the rest of the summer.

If you missed my other finds from yesterday and have a minute, check out the previous post.  I  DID "hit the jackpot"!


  1. Hi Rebecca...You did, indeed, hit the jackpot. The skirt looks nice! Good for you. Have a fabulous Fourth of July weekend. Susan

  2. Very nice, Rebecca. Keep finding those treasures.

  3. Very nice and with white tee shirt it is summer fresh. I didn't know Pendleton did non-wool either. Nice.


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